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Improving the internet one page at a time.™ - The spam free email solution that keeps you in control! is the newest and most complete internet email protection program available to you. Our copyrighted filtering system allows you to be in full control of your email now and forever. If you want to keep your current email provider or use as your email destination we are ready to serve you.

If you're looking for an exclusive free software product to alleviate the amount of junk in your inbox, we would highly recommend They are constantly improving their methods and seem to be a market leader. We highly recommend them. Click here to download their FREE Anti-Spam software. Yep, I said it. They are giving away their software for free and are distributing it with ought any trials or limitations. The owner seems to be entirely focused on this simple but efficient product. Finally, our email accounts have been cleaned...

USING YOUR CURRENT EMAIL PROVIDER - if you want to use your current email provider you can forward your email from them to your NoPeddlers account and then let the NoPeddlers filtering system eliminate all that spam once and for all! will filter the email as per your instructions and get it nice and clean for you by removing all of the spam and junk mail that you do not want. Then you either log into your no peddlers email or set the pop3 on your local email client such as Outlook, or Firebird to receive mail from your new email account and now have a nice clean inbox with all of the junk filtered out. Imagine that - no more junk and unwanted email, and this way you don't need to have all you clients update their address books. Of course if you want you can also just use your new [USER] email address.

USING AS YOUR EMAIL PROVIDER - Once you have set up your email account with us you can receive and send email from anywhere in the world. Our system is web-based and available wherever you happen to be. Never miss an email again! Just set up your account on line today and stop receiving spam mail immediately.

USING YOU HOME EMAIL PROGRAM - To use your new email account with your home PCs email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Firebird, etc.) just set your POP3 and SMTP according to our simple instructions and you are all set to enjoy spam free email from your home PC or Laptop also.

NOPEDDLERS.COM PROMISE - is dedicated to providing quality services for those who want it and truly deserve it.
We do not intend to ever compromise our ethics and the principles upon which CC2k was founded.
We have created an email system whereby the clients can conduct business and engage in communication without wasting precious time wading though junk mail, or being frustrated over accidentally tossing out important communications because they got lost amongst the spam.
We remain committed to putting ease, convenience and enjoyment back into internet email services.
We would much rather pass up sales in order to assure that our clients receive the absolute best in quality and performance than to allow greed to undermine our goals of excellence.

1. What is

No Peddlers is the answer to stopping spam cold but our easy to use filtering always remains in your total control.

2. How hard is your system to use?

We are so easy even grandma can do this. Our intuitive easy to use filtering system will ensure that you only recieve those emails you want.

3. Can I send email from you?

Yes - is a complete email provider. You have an inbox, sent, draft and deleted file in your account and all are ready to go.

4. Do you offer support?

Yes - We offer email support and plan live chat for instant help from our staff as a paid option.

5. Is it easy to import my existing contacts?

Yes - Our system is still in its early stages of developement but we are adding import ustilities to allow you to upload your address book in CSV format. All of this is explained in easy steps once you have created your account and are ready to go.

6. What can I do to stop all of the unwanted emails I get?

Our system allows you to select from many levels of email filtering, or if you are turely tired of spam you can easily define only those you want to receive email from. Filter by individual address, partial address or even whole domains.

7. How much does this cost?

Currently No Peddlers spam blocking email accounts are totally FREE. At some time in the future we had planned to charge for the spam blocking features and leave the email free. But currently, we are in negotiation of keeping No Peddlers a free email service and incorporating it into our new social community Kewl Katz.
So if you are sick of all the junk mail give us a try, it won't cost you a cent and you can stop using it at any time..

8. Can your system accept attachments?

Yes you can accept attachments up to 10 MB. Remember though that your current email provider may have a limit on the size of the attachment they allow so the email may not get delivered. This is why we offer as your new email system.


In order to send mail to more than 10 recipients at a time you must use your email client such as Outlook or Firebird. In order to prevent span NoPeddlers has heavy limits on bulk recipient mail when used through the webmail interface.
You can still send bulk email, but you will need to do that thruough the SMTP given you by your Internet Service Provider. Spammers lose their service when they send through their REAL ISP PROVIDED SMTP and that is why we require everyone to use theit SMTP when sending bulk mail. It is part of our war on spam and just another way to help make sure NoPeddlers remains a quality service for legitimate internet use only.


If you are in need of sending bulk email to OPT-IN lists of your legitimate contacts we have another service Business To Bussiness Marketing for bulk emailing you contacts.  ( )

Business to Busiess Marketing supports the following features

  • Bulk Emailing to your contact lists
  • Creation of Email flyers from our WYSIWYG Editor
  • Creation of custom email flyers from either Image, HTML or Plain Text
  • Easy impoty utility to add your contact lists
  • Email list creation and management
  • Email campaign tracking of your sent campaigns
  • Text and Video help and tutorials throughout the site
  • One of the easiest email marketing systems on the internet
  • Free basic email marketing accounts
  • 100% Can-Spam complaince


If you think you can use NoPeddlers as a platform to launch spam DONT BOTHER. You will only be waisting your time and ours. We do not allow tons of bulk email to be sent thru our servers. You can only send email directly from the webmail interface which is locked down and monitored to prevent spam.
Attemps to use scripts to automate web login will cause your account to be immediately locked out and flagged for investigation.


Check Your Mail is not for everyone, it is for those of us that have had it up to our necks with spam and trying to combat it in a nice way. IF YOU AREN'T ON THE PERSONS GUEST LIST YOU DON'T GET IN. IT'S RSVP, NO INVITATION, NO ADMITTANCE! It's as simple as that.

A website like will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

If you are truly fed up with spam then give us a try. I didn't start out building NoPeddlers for others, I built it for myself, and some friends convinced me to share my success at fighting spam. So if you want privacy, or somewhere to email friends and wanted contacts only then this is the place.

Give it a try, it won't cost you anything, there is no obligation to buy anything and if you decide you don't like it just stop using it, it is that simple.